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UPDATED Nov 16, 2004
Fixed the tilde bug
Added support for French and German
Spanish support started

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Way back when, I purchased the 'Kitchen Sink' CD (over a dozen translations) for a shareware bible-reading program called Seedmaster.  To this day, I have been using this old Windows 3.1 program.  It just works.  (It also 'just works' in Linux using 'wine,' a Windows emulator.)  When I got my Palm, I wanted to take an electronic Bible with me.  I purchased an NASB Bible for Olivetree's Bible Reader.  It is a fine program, but I wanted to use the files I purchased for Seedmaster rather than purchasing them again.  (Yes, I understand some people question the legality of this.  I am comfortable with the fact that I have already paid for these translations in electronic form.  You will have to decide this for yourself.  Besides, there were many free (copyright expired) translations available for SM as well.)  I discovered Poon Poetry's Bible Reader some time in 2002.  I liked the fact that it was open source.  I didn't like the interface quite as well as Olive Tree's, but because it was open source software, I knew I could add the features I wanted myself.  Also, I could "Roll My Own" files for it using the BibleConverter program.  I dove in and started trying to decode the Seedmaster files.  By the time I had them figured out, Poon's Bible Reader was no longer open source, and I pretty much abandoned my project.  Fast forward to July 2003, when I discovered Bible+.  The beauty of open source is if someone abandons it, someone else can take over and go with it.  Someone went with it and added the one key feature I wanted in a Palm Bible reader.  (It's the book tap-selector screen, if you want to know.)  I am excited about this again.  I have deleted Olivetree's reader from my palm and installed Bible+ and a few of my favorite translations.

As an aside:  Seedmaster later became "Bible Companion Software."  I have heard reports that some BCS modules will work in the shareware Seedmaster.  It is possible that sm2bp could convert them, but I dont have any BCS files to test with. UPDATE: I have used sm2bp to convert the Luther Bible 1912 from a BCS data file. It seemed to work, but I don't read German.

Get on with it

So, you have decided to convert your SM files to Bible+.  (This process will also work for a variety of other destination formats.  See the BibleConverter documentation for more details.)

What you will need:
  1. Perl. is written in the Perl programming language.  It is already installed on many unixy computers and available for most modern computers.  You can find links to the Windows and Mac versions here.
  2. Java.  BibleConverter (not written by me) is written in Java.  Java is available for many modern computers and can be downloaded from Sun's website.
  3. BibleConverter. (Get the YCH version) This program converts the intermediary text file into a variety of compressed formats for different programs including Bible+.  Read the documentation.
  4. sm2bp.  This is the part I wrote.  It decodes Seedmaster files into a format suitable for BibleConverter.

How To:

Okay, once you have Perl and Java installed (beyond the scope of this document) and have sm2bp and BibleConverter unpacked, you are ready to start.

  1. Copy your Seedmaster data file (eg. NKJ.DAT) into your current directory or take note of the full pathname to the data files.

  2. Run with the full path/filename to the data file as the only argument and redirect into a text file.
 c:\smdat\sm2\NKJ.DAT > nkj.txt

    (in Linux/unix you might need to use './ ...')

  3. Take a look at the resultant text file (nkj.txt) to make sure it looks logical.  Read it in wordpad, or word, or whatever is your favorite text editor.

  4. Use BibleConverter to convert the .txt file into a .PDB file for Bible+: 

         java BibleConverter -pdb nkj

  5. Install the .pdb file in your palm software and hotsync.


  • This program WILL NOT currently work with non-english bible files.  To make it work with non-English files is fairly simple, but a bit of work.  It will require more wordsx.dat files to work with other languages. UPDATE: I think it works with French and German, but I don't read either, so I can't say if the conversion was successful.

  • This program does not know about the apocryphal books. (Tobit, Maccabees, etc.)  It should be simple to add, but I don't have any Seedmaster files containing these.
  • This program will not convert a Strong's Numbers data file properly.


Feel free to email me if you have any questions about this program.  My email address is:
scott (a t) saskatoon {d o t} com  (Ugh, I hate spam.)

sm2bp is Copyright (c) 2002-2004 by Scott R. Walde.  It is distributed pursuant to the conditions of the GNU GPL.
This webpage is Copyright (c) 2002-2004 by Scott R. Walde.  All rights reserved.